Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires

Since 1989, La Bienal de Arte Joven Buenos Aires is a launching platform for young artists. It aims to be a place of encounter and experimentation of a generation that is in constant evolution, and gives rise to new languages and forms of expression through the different disciplines that compose it.

CINCO was in charge of developing the identity and graphic design system of La Bienal de Arte Joven Buenos Aires 17/18.


Creative Direction: Mariano Sigal
Art Direction: Roco Corbould
Production: Loly Carnero / Irina Ivnisky
Photography: Gemelos Photography
Realization: Julieta La Valle / Julieta Iacono
Graphic Design: Vicky Lamas
Stylist: Marina Christe
Makeup: Marisa Wehit
Digital retouching: Cristo Oviedo

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